Hello again!

Thursday, May 20th, 2021

I guess I finally feel like writing. My life has been pretty crazy for the past seven months or so and I just haven’t had the desire to do *anything* related to The Twice-Lost Geek. I *wanted* to be creative, though, and even released a road trip video over on the TLG YouTube Channel. I had hoped that the video would kickstart my creativity muscle, but that didn’t happen.

My life is actually pretty good now. I’m still working from home on a permanent basis, I established some much needed boundaries between myself and my extended family, and, most importantly, finally moved into my own apartment back in February. I haven’t lived on my own in over ten years, and it’s taken every bit of the past three and a half months to adjust to all of the changes. My life looks so different from what it did this time last year, and I can’t adequately express what that means to me.

So what about The Twice-Lost Geek? Here’s what I want to do:

Resurrect the podcast. I miss having conversations with people about the things they’re passionate about. From the conversation with Reddit’s own /u/itsadndmonsternow, to Micha at The Lucky Cat Museum, and my personal friends, I had hit on a format that I really liked. No formal interviews – just conversations. There are a whole host of people I find inspiring, and I’d like to talk to them. 

Continue the YouTube Channel. I need to continue the Let’s Play series on Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego and edit road trip footage I’ve been sitting on for the past few months. One of my friends paid me the ultimate compliment by stating that both the Carmen Sandiego videos and the road trip video were relaxing to watch. I also want to make Let’s Play videos for other games such as Minecraft, Stubbs the Zombie (which has been brought back to life with the first update in, like, twenty years), and Cloudpunk (which has a very retro vibe). 

Blog on a regular basis. I recently signed up for an online class entitled Intro to Fiction, taught by the incomparable Jared Yates Sexton – a writing professor, author, and political commentator. Writing on a regular basis will help prepare me to flesh out the long-held story idea that has been living in my head for years now.

Make money doing the things I’m passionate about. I would very much like to follow in the footsteps of my podcast/youtube/author heroes and be able to generate income from all of this. I don’t have any sort of following whatsoever and can’t justify starting a Patreon at this time, but I’ve been looking into other services such as Ko-Fi and Buy Me a Coffee. These services would allow me to accept donations/tips from folks who like the things I’m doing.

My biggest obstacle right now is myself. I’ve been pretty open about my struggles with mental health, and my sense of anxiety can be overwhelming at times. However, I’m beginning to realize that none of my goals will actually come true unless I really put effort into them. Ultimately, I know that I shouldn’t be afraid and that I am more than capable of succeeding at all of this.

Lastly, I want to thank each and everyone who took the time to read this post. If my forthrightness and sense of determination has affected even just one person, than I’ve done what I set out to do: connect with others.

Now, to the journey!



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